About the Trilogy  /  Claudio F. Baroni


The text that triggered the development of the trilogy Baltasar (premiered in 2010),  Karada  &  Three Secrets Lives  in 2007, was a book by Johan Huizinga, Homo Ludens.  This essay analyzed the idea of games as a starting point for human relations and organization systems, where the participants establish rules in order to play. Huizinga explains that the game has an essential function in the human condition not only in the relation to thinking and work, but most generally within the development of culture.

This idea inspired me to generate a work related to these topics.

Artistic plan

One of my constant interests as a composer is the exploration of the tension that exists in music between form (the organization of sound as harmony, duration, instrumentation, etc.) and time, the dimension where those parameters are deployed.  I strongly believe that music works by interrupting (producing a cut or incision in) our regular experience of time.

In 2008 I started to develop a group of three pieces having in common the fact that they involve the collaboration between artists working in diverse media. I think that my role is setting up a sort of laboratory (or, alternatively, as the that of the designer of a game), by giving form to the skeleton of the piece to be produced, and articulating the inputs proposed by the various participants in each project.

What stands behind the idea of collaboration between different media, I’d like to add, is my interest in the possibility of introducing and testing my work with different publics, but also my curiosity about the ways the final work can function in different set-ups, and not only in the “traditional” concert hall.

I call the works that integrate this ongoing project “experimental operas,” because in each of them the text establishes the trigger for the process of construction.  The first of the pieces, titled Baltasar (Summer Maneuvres), premiered a few months ago, and was co-produced by Slagwerk Den Haag & Vocaal LAB  in Netherlands  and teatro Argentino in Argentina. The second piece,  will be titled Karada (Body). Finally, the title of the third will be Three Secrets Lives, and will be based on a book by the Argentinean writer Reinaldo Laddaga,



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