Claudio F Baroni & Dario Calderone

Moving Furniture 2022

A constellation is a construct of perspective. Unfathomable fireballs ripping apart and reconstituting atoms, separated by millions of light years in all directions, are flattened into two dimensions by the human eye. From the slightest suggestion of line and form, the mind gathers them together into objects, seeing in them figurative outlines or distinct cultural reference points. Depending on one’s geographic location and culture, these groupings and their associated imagery can vary wildly. With liner notes by Albert HC Manders. Read more.

The Body imitates the landsCape. For tape, transducer speakers and ensemble.

Unsounds 64U 2019

In memory of Robert Ashley (1930-2014).

The music on this album is inspired by the Japanese book Karada about the ‘school of the body’ written by Michitaro Tada. Using texts selected from Karada, Claudio F Baroni has written an hour-long piece for MAZE Ensemble wherein whispered voices become music. The composition discloses the hidden harmonies which exist in normal speech, balancing on the tension between the flow of whispered, or ‘un-voiced speech’ and the sustained harmonies which are brought to the surface by the ensemble.

This album features 11 pieces, each, as in Karada, dedicated to a part of the body. Tada’s text presents the human body as an object among other objects, as well as a being that sees and touches other objects. This is however no physiological study, this reflection on his years of observation of the body is actually a wide-ranging exploration of culture, memory, science, expression, and reality. With liner notes by Reinaldo Laddaga. Read more.


Unsounds 61U 2018

“Motum” means motion, and this is a central theme in the 3 pieces by composer Claudio F Baroni on this album. The concept is central to Baroni’s work, and is explored musically and formally in his layered, dynamic, sophisticated style. The breathtaking pieces are taking the listener on a meandering path, starting from the origin of sound. Motum is Baroni’s second collaboration with Unsounds. With liner notes by Samuel Vriezen. Read more.

Things that mutant reeds to know – more short and amazing stories

Reinaldo Laddaga and Unsounds, various artists. Unsounds 38U 2013

A collection of fifty-five short tales and fifty-five brief musical works composed by a momentary collective of eighteen musicians. Things That A Mutant Needs To Know: More Short And Amazing Stories is curated by Reinaldo Laddaga and Unsounds records and published in the form of a book with two CDs, but also as an iBook, in English or Spanish. It features 4 short pieces by Claudio F Baroni. Read more.


The body imitates the landscape for ensemble, transducer speakers, projection, tape and electronics (2019)  9th movement – KOSHI .  Premiere by  MAZE Ensemble

SoLo VII – Ursae Minoris  for double bass & electronics (2016)  – 3nd part  Dario Calderone, Double Bass

Breathing -3-  (2013)  From the serie “Poets, Voices and Breathing” . Poem by Diego Mencaroni

SoLo IV  for electric guitar & loop station (2011) Electric guitar: Ezequiel Menalled

Loops & Lines for sextet  (2013)  /  quartetto Prometeo, Una Cintina   -organ- &  C.F.Baroni -synthesizer-. 1st movement

ReSoNanT  for electric quartet (2010) – Premiered by Ensemble Integrales

Baltasar-Summer Maneuvers  for percussion and vocal ensemble (2010)


Video documentation of some concerts over time:

SoLo VII – Ursae Minoris . Premiered by Dario Calderone
Perpetuo Motum . Premiered by Prometeo quartet
“Baltasar – Summer Maneuvers” ( highlights ) Composition: Claudio F Baroni /Text: Reinaldo Laddaga / Film: Fabian Marcaccio
Whispering in my pillow – 1st movement . Premiered by ensemble Modelo62

Claudio F. Baroni is an active composer specializing in experimental music. His work can be described as a systematic investigation into the nature of sound, timbral qualities, and the strength of materials. Baroni scrupulously avoids making specific aesthetic or cultural references in his composition, where he creates a closed sound universe with his vision and physicality.

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