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Soon coming the CD “The body imitates the landscape” in Unsounds !           Performanced by MAZE Ensemble

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On November 9 at  4 PM and 7 PM we’ll presenting  “The body imitates the landscape”  at Willem Twee  during the international festival November Music in De Bosch.

On March 1 at 7 PM and 22PM , in collaboration with visual artist Adi Hollander and MAZE ensemble will be premiere “The body imitates the landscape”  at the Broedplaats Lely, Amsterdam.

The body imitates the landscape is designed in the form of a playground which transforms music into vibrations felt through the entire body. It will be presented both as an ongoing interactive sound installation and in a live concert version. Young, old, deaf and hearing people can all experience together the joy of physically listening to music in this electronic garden of sound.

Adi Hollander,Ilya Rabinovich, other abilities, exhibtion, amsterdam , 2019

Adi Hollander,Ilya Rabinovich, other abilities, exhibtion, amsterdam , 2019

“The Body imitates the landscape”  will be presenting during the festival “The other Abilities”.

Soon coming the CD “The body imitates the landscape” in Unsounds !

Best of Bandcamp Contemporary Classical – October 2018


Very proud to announced the CD released in Unsounds !

“Motum” means motion, and this is a central theme in the 3 pieces on this album. The concept is central to Baroni’s work, and is explored musically and formally in his layered, dynamic, sophisticated style. The breathtaking pieces are taking the listener on a meandering path, starting from the origin of sound. Motum is Baroni’s second collaboration with Unsounds. With liner notes by Samuel Vriezen.

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On May 18 at 6 PM, in collaboration with visual artist Adi Hollander and MAZE ensemble

will be premiered  “KARADA”

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On May 3, ensemble Modelo62 will play “Whispering in my Pillow” in Korzo Theater


We have the pleasure to present the project Ursae Minoris for double bass, electronics, and film in real time. An intense collaboration with filmmaker and media artist Joost Rekveld and contrabass player Dario Calderone.


Ursae Minoris combines innovative musical and visual compositions phenomena, through different processes and artistic interpretations, translating into a living work of art.

1 Oct   21:30 hr – Weekend v/d Wenschap Sterrenwacht Copernicus, Haarlem.

15 Oct   22 hr – Dag in de Branding Festival- Paard van troje, Den Haag.

29 Oct  15 hr – Festival Sound of Music – Groningen Forum Hereplein, Groningen.

12 Nov  17 hr – November Music Festival – Verkadefabriek Kleine zaal, Den Bosch.

27 Jan  22 hr – Rotterdam Film Festival – The club Worm, Rotterdam.

3 March 20hr/21:30hr – Volkssterrenwacht Orion – Bovenkarspel.

4 March 20hr/21:30hr – Publiekssterrenwacht Phoenix – Lochem.


The legendary work “Tierkreis” by composer K.Stockhausen scored for the
German baroque orchestra Harmonie Universelle.
24 Sept at 20:15 hr  Dordrecht Bach Festival in Augustijnenkerk, Dordrecht.

On Friday 8th of April at 20:30hr,  Modelo62 will play a  portrait concert of my recently works in the Orgelpark,  Amsterdam:

“Whispering in my pillow”  (2016) for two shaker speakers, tape, and ensemble

“SoLo VIII – Air” (2016) for organ

“in CirCles II” ( 2007-15) for electric quartet



On Friday 11th of September, Dario Calderone will premiere the last part of SoLo VII- Ursae Minoris for double bass & electronics in Gaudeamus Music Week, Utrecht, The Netherlands.

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On Saturday 16th of May at 5:00 PM, we are happy to announce the presentation of “Karada” in MIT, 75 Amherst Street Wiesner Building (E15), Cambridge, USA.

On May 17 18 & 19 from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM


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Presenting  “In CirCles II”  for electric quartet and the series “Breathing 1 2 & 3”     Play by Michael Bierylo (e.guitar),  Aedan Collins (cello), Rick Scott (keyboards) & Danny Johns (percussion).

On May 2 at 08:00 PM in Killian Hall, 160 Memorial Drive, Cambridge MA 02142

In  April – May 2015, I am visiting the MIT university in Cambridge, United States. I will present different works: “SoLo VII- Ursae Minoris”“In CirCles II” and “Karada”.



The next Saturday 16th of November, Dario Calderone will premiere the 2nd movement of my piece SoLo VII – Ursae Minoris for double bass and electronics (2014) in Ostade Theater, Amsterdam.
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The next Tuesday 16th of September, Dario Calderone will premiere my new piece  “Solo VII – Ursae Minoris” for double bass & tape (2014) in Incubate, Tilburg. more info:

On Saturday 13th of September, Quartetto Prometeo will play my string quartet “Perpetuo Motum”  in the festival “Firenze suona contemporanea”, Florence ( Italy ).

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Three pieces for double bass & electronics (2014). Written for Dario Calderone


Quartetto Prometeo and Una Cintina  -organ- will play my two new pieces written during the 2012-13, “Loops & Lines” for sextet (string quartet, organ & synthesizer) and “Perpetuo Motum” for string quartet, in the beautiful Orgelpark, Amsterdam.

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4 short pieces for the new audio book by Reinaldo Laddaga “Things that mutant reeds to know – more short and amazing stories (2012)”. Published by Isabelle Vigier & Unsounds. Release date: December 04, 2013 .



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